Welcome to Australian Avian Products

Australia's leading supplier of Pigeon Products

Australian Avian Products is a Melbourne based Manufacturer / Wholesaler

distributing a variety of products for Racing and Fancy Pigeons.

We manufacture the well known range of Picking Stones known as Pigeon Mineral Bricks.

The most popular product in our range is the Pigeon Mineral Brick with MAGNETITE

Our products are distributed throughout Australia by a network of

Wholesale Distributors and Retailers

We occasionally list a promotional item on Ebay which can be viewed at


We are actively seeking compatible products to distribute through our established wholesale network.
Please contact us with any proposal details.

List of Products

Pigeon Plastic Rings (Pk 50)     

Pigeon Mineral Brick 625 gm

Pigeon Calcium Brick 625 gm

White Mineral Brick 625 gm

Pigeon Calcium Grit 4 kg

Pigeon Calcium Grit 10 kg


Pigeon Loft Dressing 2.5 kg

Pigeon Loft Dressing 12 kg tub

Pigeon Terra Cotta Grit 2.5 kg

Pigeon Terra Cotta Grit 10 kg

Pigeon Mineral Grit 4 kg

Pigeon Mineral Grit 10 kg

Pigeon Pink Minerals 4 kg tub

Pigeon Pink Minerals 12 kg tub

Pigeon Seed Oil 250 ml       

Pigeon Garlic Oil 250 ml

Pigeon Pick Pot Refill 4 pack


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