Australian Avian Products are proud to regularly sponsor Pigeon Events across Australia.

Past events sponsored include:

Dandenong Racing Pigeon Club - GMPF (Victoria) - King Island 2 Bird Specials

Greater Melbourne Pigeon Federation (Victoria) - Breeders Plate Race

Croydon Homing Pigeon Club - GMPF (Victoria) - Croydon Classic

Ivanhoe Homing Club - VHA (Victoria) - Ivanhoe Sprint Series

Southern Country Combine (South Australia) - Race Sponsor

Victorian CFA Charity Auction (K Saggers Sale)

Croydon Homing Pigeon Club - GMPF (Victoria) - Talkfest

Tassie Breeders Cup (Tasmania) - Race Sponsor

Hobart Alternative Pigeon Club (Tasmania) - Race Sponsor

Horsham Homing Club (Victoria) - Race Sponsor

Victorian Homing Association (Victoria) - 2010 Transport Sale

Elwick Pigeon Club (Tasmania) - Race Sponsor

Greater Melbourne Pigeon Federation (Victoria) - Morning Mist Auction 2012

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